Monday, August 5, 2013

Post Op Appointment Today

Just got back from CHOP. We had a really good visit!! Her doctor and I discussed all of my questions and concerns. She wants to wait at least 4 more months before we do any other surgeries. She agreed that we need to move our appointment to meet with the cleft team at CHOP earlier to discuss all of her needs. Our speech therapist is having a hard time knowing what to do with Piper, so she is reaching out to the speech therapist there and we are going to arrange to meet and also get our speech therapist here involved. One of my concerns was whether there was something blood related or immune related that we needed to look into to see if this is why she is not able to heal properly. She doesn't think there is anything genetic there but agreed that we should look into it to be sure. She wants to have the doctor that she works closely with at CHOP also evaluate Piper and make sure that together they are making the best decisions for her next... surgery. Without asking, we are getting a 2nd opinion. As we left, Piper ran out the door towards where the doctor usually goes to after our appointments.  Piper RAN out to say goodbye to her doctor. She was not there because she was talking to the coordinator about what needed to happen for us. Piper started crying and laid on the floor. She was so upset. Her doctor came around the corner and wondered why she was crying. She reached for the doctor and she took her over to her box of stuffed animals. Piper just loves her!! She is always so good with her and makes the time to truly care about her. This is another reason why I KNOW we are with the right doctor. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray as we approach these next few months with genetics, speech and her next surgery.