Sunday, November 3, 2013

Orphan Sunday & The Start of our Puzzle Piece Fundraiser

Today was Orphan Sunday.  I woke up and emotions started flowing in the morning as I got ready to head to church.  Knowing that we have a little one halfway across the world and wondering what they are doing, if someone is loving them, if they are being taken care of etc. crossed my mind.  Also we had prepared for Orphan Sunday by picking a  video to be played at the beginning of church and an interview of two girls that were adopted from Foster care to see their side of adoption.  I was wondering how it would all go and if people would see a new view of adoption and orphan care.  It was very powerful and so moving!!  I cried even though I was there for the interview, I edited the video and then there in church I cried again.  There were many tears and I think that people were able to get a glimpse and see that the need is great.  After the message everyone who had previously adopted, those who have been adopted, or those that are in process of adopting or foster care got up in the front of the church and our pastor prayed over us.  It was amazing!!  Such a wonderful morning recognizing the least of these.  Thinking and praying for our little one who we already love so much.  Praying that we will know who our little one is soon.  I know it is all in God's timing. 

Today was a great day to launch our Puzzle Piece Fundraiser.  We purchased a 500 piece puzzle that we will be putting together as pieces are purchased.  Each piece is $10 and we will write your name, favorite verse or message on the back of the piece.  Consider purchasing one for your family or one for each family member.  We will put it all together and then frame it so we can see both sides of the puzzle and always see the pieces that helped us bring our little one home.  Feel free to send me a message or use the paypal link to make your purchases.  Make sure to tell me what you would like to have on the back of your puzzle pieces.  So far we sold 64 pieces!!  Please help us put more pieces together :)