Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home Study Approval!!!

Our Home Study has been approved!!!!  We have recieved the signed, notarized copies.  We are now working on other paperwork that we can send in now that we have our Home study.  Our next step is completeting our I800A which is paperwork that we need to complete to send to ask approval to be able to bring our daughter into the United States.  Then we will need to get our fingerprints done again.  Once this set of paperwork has been sent in and approved, we can start to move towards getting our Dossier complete.  (Dossier is all of the paperwork that will be sent)  We have documents that we need to have state certified and then they need to be sent to be authenticated.  Once these steps are finished we can send our paperwork.  We have been extremely blessed with donations that we will be recieving.  We will have enough to pay for our I800A and our Dossier.
We are working hard to prepare for our fundraiser that is coming up on Saturday November 19th.  (see info below in previous post for details)  The proceeds from our fundraiser will help us to be able to pay our next large fee when we are matched with our daughter.  We are really excited and we have seen God working in this whole process. 
Jon and his brother Matt went out last Saturday to hang posters and hand out flyers.  I think that Matt thought it was going to be a difficult process but after prayer, they stepped out and they began to see God work.  They went to approximately 30 places and they were able to hang posters at almost all of them.  The best one that I heard about was at McDonalds.  It had a no solicitation sign at the door.  Jon was going to leave but his brother encouraged him and said you came here for a reason.  They went in and were able to hang their sign right above the no solicitation sign on the door!!  They recieved some donations that will be used for our raffles at our fundraiser.  Let me just say, we have been blown away by the generosity of these businesses that have been willing to donate to our event.  We are really excited for this event!!!
I do want to ask a favor of you.  Would you please help us get the word out about our fundraiser?  If you are planning on coming would you consider inviting friends.  You are not only helping us, you are helping us be able to bring our daughter home.  To give her a life that she needs.  We have flyers that we can get to you if you would like or we have a flyer in e-mail format that we could easily send to you.  Please let me know if you would be willing to help.  We are truly grateful for your prayers and support.

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