Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  This holiday always makes me take a look at all of the many things that we truly are thankful for.   We had a wonderful day with our family today.  We are truly thankful for the journey that God has led us on towards the adoption of our little girl.  We could not help but think of her today and also feel that our family is somewhat incomplete.  We think of her and pray for her often.  We wonder what she is doing now and who is taking care of her.  What is her life like right now?  So many things go through our minds.  It is also so neat to see that our girls are so excited for their sister.  They asked today if she will be home for Christmas.  We of course had to say that we are hoping maybe next Christmas that she will be here.  They are always drawing pictures for her and leaving little notes behind that say "I love Piper"  Just makes my heart melt when I see this.  They love her so much and they do not even know her yet. 

Last Saturday we had our Caring Carnival fundraiser.  It was truly amazing.  There were so many people who came out, a lot who we did not know.  We had a total of 371 people that came out.  Jon and I tried to talk to a lot of the people there.  It was so encouraging to us to see how people found out about our fundraiser.  I heard one person saying that they recieved a flyer at the Parade.  We had found out about the parade last minute and ended up walking in it and yes we handed out 1,000 flyers that night with our friends and family.  We prayed that those who needed to see it and be there would come.  It is so neat to see how God works.  Then Jon had talked to someone else who had read our blog and just had to come.  I have also connected with an adoption mom's group.  I connected with a friend through this group who is at about the same point as us.  They ended up driving 1 hour and a half to come!!!  It was neat to meet her and her family.  I also met another person from this group too that night.  She has her little girl.  It was so neat to meet her and her family.  There were others that came a distance to come support us as well.  I was amazed by this.  We had many friends and family that came and helped with set up, unloading, running the booths and then cleanup.  We are truly grateful for all of the help we recieved.  We could not have done it without all of you!!  It was a tremendous blessing to us to see all that came out to support us.  We are so blessed to be able to say that we raised $3500 that night. 

Right now, we have sent in our I800A asking permission to bring our daughter home to the United States.  We are waiting for our appointment to come in the mail for our 2nd set of fingerprints.  I race to check the mailbox everyday.  Praying it comes soon!!!

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