Saturday, December 31, 2011


Mid December, Jon was up in the middle of the night with heartburn.  I had sent him a link from a blog that someone had posted with a little girl (8 years old) who was telling her story of what it was like to be in an orphanage and what the little kids really wish for.  A Mama and a Daddy.  It was the sweetest video!  He watched it and he started to look at the blog it was posted on which is where he found the information for a Foundation that gave adoption grants.  He started reading and discovered that they had received a large grant.  He immediately felt like God had placed this foundation in his path.  He had a peace that something great was about to happen.  The next day, he told me that this is a grant that we need to look into.  We started to look and realized that we needed not just information from us but references and information from our pastor.  We had about a week and things were coming together.  Our references and our pastor was able to get the necessary information in by the deadline which was the 20th of December.  We received an e-mail confirmation that all of our paperwork was in and would be reviewed and we would have an answer by mid January.
Last night, Jon and I were talking at dinner about the grant and he was telling me that someone else had gotten a grant from them and received an e-mail saying Congratulations etc etc.  I had received a phone call from a friend and went upstairs and decided to check my e-mail.  I opened it up and there it was.....CONGRATULATIONS FROM JSC FOUNDATION

We were blessed with an amazing grant!!!  As you can imagine we were ecstatic, shocked and still are in shock.  We woke up this morning wondering if we are in a dream.  Nope, not a dream.  It is just that God has blessed us tremendously!!  More than we could have ever imagined.  He has been behind the scenes the entire time.  We have seen his mighty hand on every step of our journey.  We took a huge leap of faith and knew that God would provide.  But this, we just never expected.  Thank you God!!  God is sooooooo good!  If you have faith, anything is possible with God.


  1. Beautiful! I came across this as I was researching grant options to bring our daughter Xue home from China. You are so blessed. All the best on the rest of your journey!
    ~Erin (

  2. My wife and I are Christian workers in Asia and are adopting our Chinese foster son. We applied for grants with 18 different foundations and received grants from seven of them!

    These are the foundations that awarded us grants:

    $5,000 - Never Alone Foundation

    $500 - Families Outreach

    $10,000 - Show Hope

    $2,000 - Sowing Roots

    $4,000 - Lifesong For Orphans (Matching Grant)

    $2,000 - Lydia Fund

    $3,400 Ephesians 3:20 Foundation

    Note about JSC Foundation: JSC is one of the more popular foundations. However, our experience with JSC Foundation was not a positive one. After more than 50 emails back and forth and about 9 months of needing to “clarify” or repeat information to them in multiple formats, we received our notice of denial. The process was much more complicated with JSC than ANY other foundation that we applied with and they required much more details and time… Actually, I probably spent more time emailing them back and forth and gathering documents (and then re-editing the documents) for them than the actual adoption process itself. Even if they had given us a grant, it may not have been worth the amount of time required. We understand that this has not been everyones experience with JSC. They seem like great people, with a great heart but I wish somebody had warned me about the time commitment and details that was required with JSC.

    In Him,

    M. Ziebart ( )