Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Doctor Visit to See What is Next

We went to see our surgeon today for Piper to be reevaluated to see what is next.  Her palate is pretty much half repaired and the one side is open to the nasal cavity once again.  She wants to wait for 3 months from her surgery date before she does any other surgeries because she wants what is there to be fully healed.  She wants to use tissue from the left side of her mouth where palate was repaired and from the sides of her cheeks.  She also doesn't want to wait too long because what is repaired can shrink some and she doesn't want to lose the length in the back of her mouth.  The length in the back of her mouth she said is going to be great for speech for her.  We tentatively set surgery up for June 5th.  Her 2nd birthday is in May.  We really want to enjoy it with her since this is the first birthday that we will all be together.  I really would like to have a Welcome Home/2nd Birthday Party and invite all that have been part of our adoption journey to celebrate her.  We go back on April 22nd for her to be reevaluated.  If any changes need to be made with the surgery date we will make any changes then.  Please pray as we make these upcoming decisions on her surgery.

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