Saturday, March 16, 2013

6 Months Together --Daddy's Post

It’s been 6 months since Piper has joined our family.  The first 6 months were very hard for her and I relationship wise.  I guess I didn’t realize it would take so long for her to warm up to me.  The struggle was back and forth.  She would want to try and trust me and then she would back off and distance herself.  This is the part of the adoption process I wasn’t expecting.  I realized it would take some time for her to adjust and get comfortable with our family but I didn’t expect her to reject me for 6 months.  Jenn kept reminding me to be patient.  She would often remind me how we reject our heavenly father yet he loves us unconditionally.  I had to remind myself of this and slowly win Piper’s trust.  After all, 6 months ago she was stripped away from the life as she knew it and was thrown into a new family who spoke a different language, looked different and acted differently.  This little girl has amazing strength and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her life as she develops her faith.  Over the last week I have seen a change in  Piper.  She runs up to me when I come home from work and gives me a hug.  She will let me hold her without struggling.  It is a blessing to see her finally starting to show a little trust in me.  Adoption can be a challenge for a family but the rewards are GREATER than words can describe.  My children have a new perspective of life that cannot be granted without living through this journey.  Ava wants us to adopt a brother and Isabella wants to open an orphanage someday.  I encourage them to dream big and trust in God’s plans for their life!!!  When we submit to God’s plans in our lives and have faith he will do amazing things!!!

Making Pancakes with Daddy--Saturday Tradition

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