Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Piper!

Today is Piper's 2nd birthday.  A day I have waited for and dreamed of celebrating with our daughter.  I wanted to capture everything I could so I would not forget.  We started our day by the girls and I going into her room to sing Happy Birthday.  Lets just say I don't think that she was a fan of all of our singing first thing in the morning.  She was all smiles though when we went downstairs and she had her morning bottle and breakfast :)



We played at home for a bit and then we headed to go to the playground nearby.  We went and sat under a pavilion on a picnic table and all ate lunch together.  We had a good time together having special talks and everyone being thankful to get outside.  But boy was it a hot one!  We ate and then the girls played on the playground for a bit.  Piper especially liked the swings.  The other three were in random parts wanting to do all sorts of things. 




After the park, we went to Wegman's to pick up Piper's special ladybug cupcakes and her birthday fruit cake.  It looked so yummy and her eyes lit up when we were in the store when she saw a fruit cake.  I know it was not the same as what the children get in Ch*na but I have seen that the kids get cakes with fruit on them.  She seemed to be excited so I was excited that she was getting a special treat. 

We ordered Ch*nese food for dinner.  We had sweet and sour chicken, chicken and broccoli and pork lo mein with pork fried rice and egg rolls.  We all shared and had an assortment.  Piper's favorite was the pork lo mein.  She LOVED it and couldn't get enough.  I enjoyed watching her shove noodles into her mouth and seeing some hanging out. 

After dinner, I took Yu Mei, Audyn and Ava outside to play for a little.  Isabella had Irish dance so we played outside until Daddy and Isabella came home.  I had a good time watching the girls play.  Then we went inside to have cake and sing to our little birthday girl! 

After dinner, we sang happy birthday to her as a family.  She looked at us and was really not sure what this whole cake/candle thing was and all of the singing.  In fact she was fascinated with the candle and almost touched it!  Gave me a scare. 



Later, we got ready for bed and I couldn't help but capture that part of our day too.  This is one of my favorite cuddle times.  I sing to her and she sings back.  I sing to her Jesus Loves Me and You are My Sunshine.  I pray with her and when I do she always closes her eyes and holds my hand.  At the end when I say amen, she says amen.  Absolutely priceless.  I just love this little girl!!


We are so thankful and blessed to have this little girl in our lives.  So extremely grateful that God handpicked her for us.  We cannot wait to see all that God has in store for you precious one.  Happy Birthday!!  We love you!! 

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