Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  Our January started off where we all had gotten hit by the terrible flu that was going around.  It first hit me.  I cannot remember a time where I was so sick.  I honestly could not get out of bed for two days.  My in laws were WONDERFUL and came and got the girls.  The one thing I was so nervous about was that Piper had three doctors appointments lined up at the hospital.  She had an appointment lined up with the ENT, (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor) to see if she needed tubes placed in her ears at the time of surgery, an anesthesiologist appointment for them to evaluate her before the surgery, and the dermatologist to see if the mole that was on the bottom of her foot should be removed also at the time of surgery.  It was a big day where we needed to drive to the city about an hour away to meet with the doctors.  All of the appointments were squeezed in so to speak so that everything could be lined up for surgery at the request of our plastic surgeon.  I woke up on Wednesday determined to take my daughter to the doctors appointments but I stood up and realized that I was going to pass out and I still could not stand up yet.  Thankfully my Mother in Law had offered to take Piper to her doctors appointments.  She is WONDERFUL!!!  I am honestly so thankful for her.  She took her and then had the doctors conference me in while the doctors were examining her so that I could hear everything that was going on even though I could not be there.  I still got to ask all of my questions!!  It was amazing!!  After the appointments it was determined that she needs tubes in her ears because she does have some fluid in them.  I cannot say I was excited about this because as a child I had tubes in my ears 3 times.  I have some scar tissue built up in my ear and when I get around loud noises my ear will crackle like a speaker that is going bad.  It is really awful when it is happening.  I asked all of my questions and it was determined that the doctor recommended putting tubes in.  I am trusting God that he has her in his hands.  I know he is protecting her and will guide us as we go here.  I know that approximately 90% of cleft patients need tubes placed.  I obviously do not want to hinder what she can hear or her speech for that matter.  It was also determined that the mole on the bottom of her foot should also be removed.  Any moles that are on the inside palms of your hands or on the bottom of your feet should be carefully watched because they can change over time.  The doctor said that he would not just recommend her getting the mole off just to have it removed but since she was going to be having surgery it just made sense to do it now.  I would have had to take her back to the dermatologist every year to have it evaluated.  I am honestly really sad to see it go.  I love her little mole.  It is part of who she is.  Part of how God made her.  I have struggled even with the palate surgery as much as I know that she really needs to have it done that God made her this way.  I don't want her to have to be changed.  It may not make sense to a lot of you.  I love my little girl just the way she is.  I am so thankful that I did not have to see her with her cleft lip before it was repaired.  I would have felt the same way then too.  You fall in love with them just how they are.  To see all of the pain and discomfort from surgery to change her is difficult.  I know the end result will be the best for her.  I know that.  She will be able to speak and use her palate and also eat and not have food get stuck in her palate.  Please pray for our family as we get better from being sick and also for her surgery that is taking place on January 23rd.

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