Monday, September 24, 2012

Going to the Safari Zoo in Guangzhou

We had the opportunity to go to the Safari in Guangzhou.  We arrived at the Safari and just before it was a huge water park and amusement park. It was going to be a hot day so we all joked that we should be going there instead of walking around at the safari.  Our guide made it seem like it wouldn't be that exciting and that we would have to walk an hour to get to see the pandas.  We went back and forth on whether we should go or not.  We finally came to the decision.....okay I came to the decision that we came all of this way to see pandas....Lets go!!!!  There were 5 families that went to the safari including us.  We ended up touring as a group.  After experiencing what we experienced today, I am so glad we went.  We had such a good time!!!!   





They had a lot of elephants and honestly it was just so neat to see them there.  There is a spot where you can purchase a bunch of bananas which were 15 Yuans.  You buy a bunch of bananas and then toss them to the elephants to feed them.  They stand there and wait for you to throw them.  It was really neat.  Sometimes the bananas hit the elephants or landed in front of them or farther from them.  What a neat experience.

We saw the panda bears and they were AMAZING!!!!  I have always loved Pandas and it was so neat to see them in person.  Not just on TV.  They were indoors because they like it colder so we were able to enjoy some air conditioning!!!  They laid on ice and in trees.  We got to see them eat Bamboo.  Piper fell asleep during our walk but she woke up to see the Pandas.  SHE LOVED THEM!!!!!  She just kept pointing to them and making noises because she was so happy to see them.  She could have stayed there all day.  I could have stayed there all day and just observed too :)

We also saw Koala Bears too.  These are another one of my favorite animals.  I remember having tubes in my ears when I was younger and I was given a koala bear as a gift.  I had a love for koalas ever since.  They were also so neat to see in person.  There is just something that makes it more exciting when you see something real right in front of you.  They were eating and some were sleeping in the trees. 

We also had the opportunity to feed the giraffes eucaliptus leaves.  We purchased a bunch for 15 Yuans and I don't know who had more fun Daddy or Piper.......You take a look.

We took a safari train ride to view more animals.  I could not believe that we were in an open cart train moving through the safari seeing all of the animals REALLY CLOSE BY!!!  It was really a lot of fun!!!  As we approached each animal, the animals were trained to do a trick or show us something and then the trainers would through treats to them.  I could not believe how close the trainers were to the animals as well.  Piper really enjoyed seeing all of the animals too!!  As the ride came to an end, it started to rain.  We pulled out our our green rain ponchos that Jon insisted that we purchase.  And of course he was right.  They came in handy!!  A couple who was with us took a picture of us.  I am sure it was comical.  I will see it soon!  Here are some pictures from the Safari:


AND AVA........these next few are for you!!! We saw lots of Hippos today!!!! You would have loved it and we thought of you SO MUCH!!! We took lots of pictures of them and video too :)



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