Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taking the Subway to Shamian & Saying Good bye

We took the subway to shamian island.  Jon was still not feeling well.  We went down to the breakfast buffet.  Jon just wanted to stay in the hotel room and rest.  He told me to go out and go to the island if there was someone who was going.  I ended up going with a family and we took the subway to the island.  I don't think that Jon and I would have been brave enough to venture the subway but I was thankful to be with people who knew what they were doing.  It was 3 Yuans to take the subway each way, which is super cheap.  The folks who I went with knew what they were doing so I just followed their instructions.  When the door opens you have to push your way through to get in.  The doors are timed and they WILL NOT STOP FOR YOU!!!  It was very clean!!  We got on and I was amazed because if people saw elderly or women or men with a baby the people would get up and give you their seat.  All of the sudden I saw people getting up and offering me their seat.  I could not believe it.  We had a great day doing some shopping and of course getting our famous picture with the statue on Shamian Island---of course after spending time with our friends girls Piper got comfortable and we were able to snap a few :)  We also had lunch at Lucy's on the island.  They serve a mix of Ch*nese food and American food.  I ordered a grilled cheese with french fries and it came with a COLD sprite.  In Ch*na they do not drink drinks cold with ice like we do.  They belive that room temperature is cold.  They practice herbal medicine and they do not believe that you should make your body too cold.  They belive that eating their food and drinks at room temperature is healthier for your body and better off for you in the long run. 

After we got back to the hotel, we received Piper's Visa (Yay!!)  and then we were going to take pictures of the families and kids before we all left.  It was really cute.  I felt bad because a lot of the kids were not happy to do this but we have some memories of all of them together.  Here are a few:

ORPHANS NO MORE!!!!!  These children have all joined their forever families!!!

Well, tomorrow we say goodbye to Ch*na and head home.  It is bittersweet!!  I really enjoyed being here and I will always have a piece of my heart here as it is where my daughter is from.  I hope to be able to bring her back someday to share with her her beautiful country!!!  We also met a lot of really great people here too.  I will miss them and seeing all of these little children.  I miss my girls are home so I am really excited to see them and all of our family and friends when we get back.  

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