Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Consulate Appointment & Dinner

We woke up today to get ready for our consulate appointment.  Jon was not feeling well at all.  We went down to the breakfast buffet and it took all he could to get down to breakfast.  He really wasn't eating much either.  We saw our guide Catherine and she told us that Jon didn't have to go to the consulate.  She called over and made arrangements and let them know that I would be attending by myself because he was sick.  We asked her probably over and over "Are you sure?'  We just wanted to be certain that it wouldn't hinder anything.  She said it would not.  After breakfast I got everything ready to head to our appointment.  We took a van ride to it.  It took approximately 30  minutes to get there.  We got there and it was a pretty simple building.  Nothing much to it.  We took the elevator to the the floor where we needed to go.  I for some reason was kind of emotional going to this appointment.  We had to take an oath that everything we had on our application and paperwork is true and correct and that we would promise to take care of our child.  The adoption had already been complete but the oath just was what sealed everything and what would allow us to get our daughters Visa in order for us to go home.  When we got into the room we had to have all of our bags checked by the security machines.  You are not allowed to take any cameras there.  You can leave your camera there or anything that you would like to bring and it is really safe.  They have a bin and they give you a number to match up when you leave.  I had a metal thermos that I filled with water for bottles for Piper.  They wanted that too.  After going through security, we walked into the room and they had all of the families (approximately 20 families) do the oath at one time.  After that we all took a seat and waited to be called.  My name was called first.  When I walked up they said that they were sorry my husband was not feeling well.  They said that they took me first so I could get back and take care of my husband.  We went through the paperwork which was some of what we filled out here at home before we left.  They confirmed the information and we were finished.  We would have our daughters Visa by 4:00 the next day.  We are going to be heading home soon!!  I can't believe it is time. 

After the appointment, I went back to the hotel and checked on Jon.  He was still  not feeling well.  He slept and laid around while I was at the appointment.  We hung around the hotel room and then Jon told me to do something with another family if I wanted to.  So there was a couple that was going to go to dinner.  A bunch of families came down at the same time and we all ended up going out to dinner near the hotel.  We went to a Ch*nese resturant and one of the girls could speak Mandarin which helped when we were ready to order our food.  Our dinner was really good.  It was super cheap too.  I think it was 40 Yuans for Piper and I to eat.  We had a good time!!  There are a lot of great families here.  I am really going to miss them!!  Here is a glimpse of our day.


(I cannot figure out how to rotate this one.  Sorry) 

AND Some of our dinner!  All of it was AMAZING!

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