Friday, September 14, 2012

Lead Me

As Jenn mentioned in the previous post God has placed a few challenges in our path over the last few weeks.  I would prefer to keep them to ourselves.  Besides I don’t want to bore you as we all experience challenges in our lives.  Taking a moment and reflecting on these last few weeks it would be easy to question God’s plans for our lives, it would be easy to turn our backs on him and say WHY, why would he do this.  It’s harder to except where God has you at a point in time.  I have come to grip with life and realized that God knows!!!!!!  God really knows!!!!  What doesn’t seem like perfect timing in our lives is perfect timing for God’s plans to shape us and form us into an image of him.  The question each and every one of us go through is do we TRUST him.  Really, do we trust him!!!    

As a man there is a song that I have been reflecting on for a few weeks now.  This song has been randomly playing on the radio when I have needed it.  Make no mistake God has been speaking to me through this song.  The words in this song are incredible when reflected on and something every man should search his own heart for. 
Search me, O God and know my heart.  Try me and know my thoughts.  And see if there be and grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.  Psalms 139: 23,24.

Surfs Up!!!

We enjoyed a great time away with my in-laws, sister in-law, and her boyfriend over Labor Day weekend.  It was great to spend quality family time with them.  Thank you Jenn to encouraging me to want to take the time and go this past weekend for in the back of my head I felt overwhelmed knowing we were leaving for  Ch*na soon.  I also, realized that we have not had much of a family get away all summer and I had to make the best of it.  There is nothing that brings more excitement to me than seeing smiles on my wife’s face and laughter in our children as they enjoy life!!  God has blessed me more than I could ever asked for.  I love you Jenn you are the best wife I could ever ask for!!!  Okay sorry for the mushy talk but it was something that I needed to share.  As I reflect on that weekend I remember Isabella and Ava’s lite up face as we spent the afternoon jumping waves in the ocean.  I got a chance to witness Ava experience a sense of comfort being in the ocean that I never seen before.  I will cherish that moment forever.  The surf was calm and just a great experience.  The next day we went to the pool.  It was my chance to engage with Audyn and she loved it.  I spent time twirling her in circles and throwing her up in the air and she laughed and smiled.  As for myself if I can leave a legacy of being present in my wife and children’s life and making them smile and laugh then that will make me happy.  I can’t wait to give Piper the same experience.  We got ice cream went to the board walk and did the amusement park and made the most of our time away.  For me it was something I knew we had to fully experience because our family is going to experience its trials soon when Piper is here.  Don’t get me wrong it’s going to be awesome but at the same time we will all have our days.  God protect us!!!!

 The Trip….

It’s here it’s finally here.  My family wants to extend a Thank You to all that have supported us along our adoption journey.  We appreciate the prayers, the financial contributions, the time spent on our fundraiser projects, the simple how are things going, and the tough times that we experienced together on this journey.  Jenn, I, and the girls are so excited to meet our little girl.  It’s going to be the hardest thing leaving our other three girls behind but we know it’s only temporary and trust that God will protect them.  Please pray for our girls as we leave them for almost three weeks.  Especially, our 3 year old who still needs her mother’s nurturing love.  Please pray for our protection as we travel and for Piper as she will be taken from everything she knows. 
We can’t wait to experience Ch*na.  For this is the land where our fourth daughter was born.  We plan on taking many pictures and trying to capture every moment so that we can share with Piper where she came from.  It’s been surreal and at times like we are in a dream and it’s not really happening.  A process that started in August 2011 and is finally rounding the bend to getting our girl in September 2012.  God is so good.  We have been faithful and he has provided.  The trip is going to be an experience of a lifetime for Jenn and I.  Now it’s off to packing and the final preparations before take off.     

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