Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Visit to the People's Park & The Qiu Shui Square

Our guide took us to the People's Park in Nanchang.  It is a very large park and has so much in it.  It was such a neat experience to be able to walk around and see what a typical day was like for the people here.  Most of the people who are retired go to the park to exercise and everyone seems to get along.  There is beautiful scenery all around the park.  The people were so nice and really enjoyed seeing Piper.  They would come up and say Ni Hao and smile.  Their responses were so different from all of the stares we were used to when we are out on the streets walking.  In Ch*na the men retire at the age of 60 and women retire at the age of 55.  The people here do not just sit around.  They spend time at the park with friends and they all seem to enjoy exercising.  We walked in and first saw some people dancing to music.  They looked like they were having such a good time!!!!  We saw people doing Taiji, Kung Fu, Yoga, husband and wives singing, an amusement park, kids feeding fish, people drawing etc.  There was a park for the children to play at too.  Children 2 and under wear split pants which makes it easier to potty train.  They start potty training very early on soon after the children are born.  Piper was not used to a diaper at all.  She had split pants on and her foster parents would take her to the potty for her to go.   So at the park we saw lots of children walking around with their split pants.  Piper really enjoyed being there too.  We also walked through a garden that was absolutely beautiful!!!  I think the pictures will be able to show you more than I can explain. 



These are checkers that are in the park for the people to play.

Part of the Amusement Park


Us with our guide Sissi

The entrance to the Garden of the Park

This is a Husband playing an instrument and his wife singing along.

Our guide also took us to Qui Shui Square.  Here every night they do 3 shows of a water and light show.  Lots of people gather every night to watch the show.  She brought us here to see the sights around the city during the day because at night MANY people gather here.  We got to look around the city and see all of the neat buildings and a huge ferris wheel.  The 3rd largest ferris wheel is here in Nanchang.  We saw water buffalo here too.  The farmers bring their water buffalos here to graze during the day and then they come to pick them up later.  They do not eat the water buffalo because they consider them to be good friends.  In fact if they lose a water buffalo, the farmer will put an ad in the paper asking if anyone saw their water buffalo and offer a reward.  We had some good laughs when our guide was explaining this to us.  Our guide plans on bringing us back later in the week to see the water and light show. 

Piper is doing really well.  She really likes to be held and really likes to cuddle.  She is drinking her bottle after we figured out that her nipple of the bottle needed to be cut a lot more than we had cut it originally.  Our guide told us it was fine but we felt it needed to be cut more.  It seemed to work so much better once we did this.  She is such a cutie pie!!!  She is a happy girl.  Seems to really enjoy being with us.  When you call her name she comes right to you.  She is a really good listener.  I am sure as days go on we will see more and more of her personality coming out.  I can't wait to see all of my girls together!!!

We are really enjoying our time here in Nanchang.  We have a great family we are with and also a WONDERFUL guide :)  Here are some pictures from the Qiu Shui Square.


We saw this cat driving into the Big City of Nanchang


  1. I just LOVE seeing all of the pictures of you guys with Piper! I CANNOT WAIT to talk to you! Praying for you in the coming days for safe travel! Love you!

  2. SO MANY MEMORIES flood back as I look at these pics, I miss China!! COngrats! She is so so beautiful, so amazing and wonderful to finally see her in your arms! PTL!